JOB SEEKERS COMMISSION PAYOUT OFFER (hereinafter "JSCPO") is a mutually beneficial system of stimulating job seekers activity. When a potential employer purchases the verified contact details, certain of their authenticity, a VERIFIED JOB SEEKER (hereinafter "VERIFIED JOB SEEKER") receives the temporary financial support while searching for a job.

JSCPO Agreement is open-ended and automatically enters into force after the User is assigned with a "VERIFIED JOB SEEKER" status.

1. JSCPO Terms and Conditions

JSCPO  member is an individual who meets the following criteria:
- Working age (18+), searching for a job
- Has a SEPA bank account (IBAN format) for due payouts
- Provided WorkEma with authentic data for verification
- Got assigned with a "VERIFIED JOB SEEKER" status
- Published at least one Job Seeker Ad on WorkEma
- Agreed with JSCPO Terms and Conditions

WorkEma reserves the right to alter JSCPO Agreement clauses unilaterally. Actual JSCPO Terms and Conditions are available

2. Verification Process

Verification process takes up to 5 working days. Verification procedure can be initiated by the User either during registration or with a menu option "Verification & Payouts", as well as by editing User Profile data. At least one Ad must be published by the User on WorkEma before verification process can be initiated. The User gets assigned with a "VERIFIED JOB SEEKER" status upon a successful verification procedure.

2.1 Data for Verification

Agreeing with JSCPO Terms and Conditions, you grant WorkEma the right to process and store the following data required for verification:
- Your First Name and Last Name (those cannot be changed after registration is complete)
- Your actual contact details: e-mail address and phone number
- Copies of your personal identification document (choose either one: Passport, ID Card or Driver's License)
- Your SEPA bank account number (IBAN format) for due payouts

WorkEma may also request additional data for verification attributed to your Ad, such as:
- Copies of your Diplomas
- Copies of your Certificates
- Contact details of your previous employers

2.2 Rejection of Verification

WorkEma reserves the right to decline the verification request in any of the following cases:
- Provided data are insufficient
- Provided data are inauthentic; copies of the documents are fraudulent
- The quality of the copies is poor
- The User does not reply to phone calls and e-mail letters
- The User's intentions are suspected to be dishonest

3. Reward System

VERIFIED JOB SEEKER receives a 50% comission reward from each single purchase of their contact details by a Business User. When the comission reward sum exceeds ?VERIFIED JOB SEEKER can request a payout to their specified SEPA bank account (IBAN format). Due payout will be made in no longer than 5 working days. VERIFIED JOB SEEKER is then entrusted with consequential tax liability, which may vary depending on the current state of residence.

Thus, WorkEma encourages VERIFIED JOB SEEKER to take the initiative when searching for a job, specifically, publish most informative Ads and actively offer their candidacy to potential employers by applying for corresponding vacancies.

3.1 Disclaimer of Reward

WorkEma reserves the right to deny the JSCPO member a due payout in any of the following cases:
- Suspicion of fraud
- The bank account number is incorrect
- During the payout process, violations of JSCPO Agreement or other WorkEma agreements (Terms of Use, Privacy Notice, etc.) are detected

4. Waiver of JSCPO Agreement

JSCPO Agreement is voluntary and can be terminated unilaterally by each party at any time.

The User has the right to terminate the JSCPO Agreement with any of the following methods:
1) Renouncing the verification process
2) Sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after the successful verification
3) Terminating their WorkEma account

WorkEma reserves the right to terminate the JSCPO Agreement with any of the following methods if any of the aforementioned VERIFIED JOB SEEKER requirements will be subsequently violated:
1) Denying a "VERIFIED JOB SEEKER" status
2) Terminating the User's WorkEma account

In cases of successful verification or when the JSCPO Agreement is terminated, all the essential data for verification provided by the User is irrevocably deleted from WorkEma servers in compliance with GDPR, namely, copies of the personal identification document, the SEPA bank account number (IBAN format), copies of the diplomas and copies of the certificates.