Hello and welcome onboard with the ambitious project designed to transform the EU labour market and increase the workforce mobility.


We are like-minded enthusiasts from Estonia who strive to shake up the EU labour market with an innovative approach. Our company SoeBusiness OÜ was established in 2011 and continues to progress in managing workforce supply.


We are building the first web-based job platform that engages Job Seekers, Workforce Hirers and Workforce Suppliers who form the EU labour market. The platform is predominantly a place for labour/business contacts exchange that functions both EU-wide and/or locally and may also act as a recruitment agency.


WorkEma provides Job Seekers, Workforce Hirers and Workforce Suppliers with the reliable multilanguage web platform that helps each party to easily express their demands and to find employers, employees or partners respectively all across the Europe.


1.Job Seekers who think about work migration to another EU country are forced to use unfamiliar recruiting services or job boards of the host country.

2.Companies with temporary workforce excess or workforce deficit are forced to withstand substantial losses (whether finanсial, reputational or staffing) instead of cooperating with each other.


To overcome the aforementioned problems our customers just follow 3 simple steps:

1.Register in their respective category

2.Place their Job Ad conveniently and free of charge via a simple online questionary with the option to download the result in .PDF format.

3.Contact with the suitable counterparty or entrust WorkEma to act as an agent.


As a trailblazer WorkEma:

★covers the entire EU & functions as both local and/or pan-EU job board. Supports all EU languages.

★combines the features of a job board and an employment agency.

★engages Workforce Suppliers as a valuable third party.

★helps find an appropriate counterparty immediately after Ad creation with the smart match system.

★charges no fees for using full functionality (business users only pay for the required contact details of a certain counterparty).

★supports verified Job Seekers by paying out the share if their contact details were purchased!